General Rules of Business Communication


Communication is the most important aspect of today's modern and competitive business world. It can oral, written, both internal and external. Many problems encountered in our business and personal life result from miscommunication. What the recipient understands by a message may not always be the message which the sender intends. Several communication barriers exit between sender and recipient, and they may be responsible for a message not being understood correctly, or becoming distorted.

Such Barriers to communication include:


Choice of words in vital to the effectiveness of any communication. A word may have different meanings. Our background knowledge and experience affect our understanding. Foreign languages, dialects, regional influence and the technical language and jargon should be considered.

Non-verbal signals

Non-verbal signals often referred to as body language, can provide valuable feedback where verbal communication is concerned. Such signals include facial expressions, gestures, movement, eye contact, nodding the head etc.


Anyone who has something valid to say deserves attention, yet listening is a skill which can be quite an art. It demands careful concentration if a message is to be understood. Success at gaining attention may depend on the words used, the way the communication is expressed, our interest in the speaker, our interest in the communication and various other factors.


What is understood is often conditioned by what we already know and by our background knowledge and experience. Often we hear what we want to hear, or what we think we have heard, instead of what has actually been said.


The effectiveness of any communication may depend on our relationship with the person communicating the message. If relationships between people are not good, communication may break down of fail.

Emotional responses

Communication cannot succeed if a person is highly emotional about the topic concerned. Problems may often arise from insecurity, fear, anger etc. If emotions are high on the part of the sender or recipient, then it would be better to wait for a while before trying to put one's message across.


In every organization there should be prescribed procedures for getting messages to the people who need them. Without such systems there can be no effective communication.

When the correct lines of communication are not used, the grapevine often result. Sometimes refereed to as the 'bush telegraph', the grapevine is the vehicle for distortions of the truth, rumour and gossip. An active grapevine can cause much damage to an organisation by spreading incomplete, false or exaggerated information.


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