Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A typical business transaction.

Letters of the kind consideration in this unit are handled in business every day. This chapter illustrates their use in a typical transaction in the home trade.

G Wood & Sons have recently opened an electrical goods store in Bristol and place an order with Electrical Supplies Ltd, Birmingham, for the supply of goods on credit. The transaction opens with a request by G Wood & Sons for information regarding prices and terms for credit.

Request for quotation

G Wood & Sons
13 Castle Street
Bristol BS1 2BQ
Telephone 0117874456


15 May 20……

Mr Thomas Henry
Electrical Supplies Ltd
29-31 Broad Street
B1 2HE

Dear Mr Thomas
We have recently opened an electrical goods store at the above address and have received a number of enquires for the following domestic appliances of which at present we do not hold stocks:

Swanson Electric Kettles, 2 litre
Coslwarm Electric Blankets, single-bed size
Regency Electric Toasters
Marlborough Kitchen Wall Clocks

When I phoned you this morning you informed me that all these items are available in stock for immediate delivery.

Please let me have your prices and terms for payment 2 months from date or invoicing. If prices and terms are satisfactory, we would place with you a first order for 10 of each of these items.

The matter is of some urgency and I would appreciate an early reply.
Yours sincerely

Egucy Cozi

Supplier’s quotation

29-31 Broad Street
Birmingham B1 2HE
Tel: 0121-543 5541


17 May 15, 20…..

Mr Gordon Wood
Messrs G Wood & Sons
36 Castle Street

Dear Mr Wood


Thank you for your enquire of 10 May. I am pleased to quote as follows:

Swanson Electric Kettles, 2 litre                                    25.00 dollar each
Cosiwarm Electric Blankets, single-bed size                  24.75 dollar each
Regency Electric Toasters                                             25.50 dollar each
Marlborough Kitchen Wall Clocks                                27.50 dollar each

The above are current prices from which we would allow you a trade discount of 30%. Prices include packing and delivery to your premises.

It is our usual practice to ask all new customers for trade references. Please let us have the names and addresses of two suppliers with whom you have had regular dealings. Subjects to satisfactory replies, we shall be glad to supply the goods and to allow you the 2 months’ credit requested.

As there may be other items in which you are interested. I enclose copies of our current catalogue and price list.

I look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Henry
Sales Manager

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