Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ways of Internet Earning!

“No work, No money, No young lady”. This is a most popular proverb for unemployment people. If you have no earning, nobody likes you. So everybody must need earning. There are many ways to earning money. At the present time internet earning is a most popular, effective and easiest way to earning without invest money. We called it internet earning/online earning. Its home based work so everyone can do it. Students, businessman, professionals even housewife, if they knows operate computer and internet browsing process. Google Adsense, SEO, E-mail marketing, Data entry, Article/Blog writing, Website design & development, Logo design, Photo editing and many more fields are available for online earning.
Google Adsense is one of the most popular and effective ways to earning from website. If you have a website with good and sufficient content you can apply and start internet earning non-stop.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimize your website traffic all over the world. It’s a reliable and effective method to increase your website visitors and page ranking which are essential for website popularity. SEO is one the easy way of internet earning and its gain popularity day by day in the world.
E-mail marketing is a way to send your commercial/personal message to a large group of people using by email. E-mail marketing is also popular and easiest way to earning online. You just need a plan and dedication and then you choose a field, which field you have strong skill. If you need help go to the web search engine like Google, type your desire keywords and search you will get lot of internet earning resources, internet earning tutorials and blogs. Read these and gather more knowledge.
Well, now you are a knowledgeable person and ready to start work but where will you get the job/work. Don’t worry, oDesk.com, elance.com, guru.com, freelancer.com, microworker.com are most popular, safe and reliable media market place of internet earning. They are providing lot of job on various categories. So, don’t waste time lets visit these site and Sign up and make a strong profile. Remember that a strong profile represent your work identity to your absence. After that you can apply for work. Do the more work and earn more money. Wishing best of luck.

Swapan Chakraborty

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friend I miss you !

Khalil Gibran said, “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity”.

Nobody you cannot find they haven’t friend. We have lot of friends like school friends, college friends, university friends, professional life friends and more. After few years we forget most of friends for our business and other personal problems.  But some friends are more extraordinary than others, we called them Best Friends, we cannot live without friends. They are like the valuable treasure you can ever have and your life. You can trust on them. I Trust my friends more than I trust on myself. I am so nervous when I presenting first time in the college cultural program stage and when I see my Best Friends and my nervousness totally gone.  They all like a candle in the dark night. We just love each other. May sometimes we clash but still we love and depend on every other. We are like two bodies and one soul. We are different from everyone in the class because we are devoted to every other more than everyone would, we have amusing more and there was one clash between us that was really awful. My Best friends of our class always tried to cheer up us if we were feel despondent and my two Best Friends and my other friends but now everything's fine. They are fresh. They are nice and always ready to help everyone though they take action like jerks. We cannot live without each other. Actually one of my best friends was my student. Her name is Susan Deeba Hossain is really incredible good girl. She doesn’t believe if you tell her something against me, though I was involved, because she loves me so much and believe. She was so cute, honest and reliable. Other friends feel jealousy for our friendship.  She knows what are I like and what not. One day early morning she called me and asked what food I would like to take at 10:00 to 11:00 am, I told her “Pudding”. I was surprised when saw her with pudding at my office.
One day Aunt (mother of Susan) called me and request to meet with her. I want to meet with her after two or three days, but she said that her daughter always tell about you so I want to see you this evening. When I met with Aunt, she told me “Swapan my daughter love you so much and she trust also you only one friend when you with her she will safe anywhere any places. That was the best moment when I heard this from Aunt. And I believe this the best comment for a best friend.
At this present time she (Susan) is living in UK with her husband. I miss her so much. I wait often now to see her again and again….
What’s your judgment???