Sample Letter of Agency Offer

Agency Offer

March 15, 2008

Mr Alamgir Kabir
Chief Operating Officer
Fast Pace Corporation

Dear Mr Alamgir

Thank you for your letter of 10 March 2008 in which you offered us a sole agency for your products in Chittagong.

First, let me say that we can handle an agency of the type you describe, and we agree the demand for good quality medicine is increasing here. However, before we can take your offer further we need the following information:

  1. Payment of accounts: Would customers pay you directing Dhaka, or would they pay us, and we in turn settle with you after deducting our commission? How would payment be arranged? Bill of exchange, letter of credit, or bank draft? 
  1. Delivery: would we hold stock or would you supply customers direct? If you supply direct, how long would it take for an order to be made up and shipped once it had been received? 
  1. Advertising: You mentioned that you would help with advertising. Could you give us more details?
  1. Disputes: If a disagreement arises over the terms of the contract, who would be referred to in arbitration. 
  1. Length of contract: How long would the initial contract run? In our view, three years would allow us to estimate the size of the market. 
If you can send us the information, and possible enclose a draft contract, we could give you our answer within the next week.

Mohammad Habibur Rahman
Director, Samsung Marketing

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