Sales Letter: Insurance Company

Insurance Company

Dear Sir / Madam

The arrival of a new baby is such emotional time it can be difficult to think about the more practical needs of a family …… but I think you’ll agree that nothing matters than your baby’s future protection.

Of course most parents recognize that it makes good sense to provide adequate insurance cover for the whole family, but many of the schemes available can be confusing and more simply too expensive.

That’s why I think this is the right time to tell you about a plan which has been designed especially for young families to provide as much as BDT. 3.5 Lac protection for less than BDT. 500.00 per month for young parents.

May I give you a few reasons why I believe you ought to think about this special plan now?

  • It’s guaranteed to provide the best value for money currently available and if you can find and be accepted into a similar scheme offering better benefits at a lower cost within two months of joining we will refund your money in full.
  • There is no red tape needed to join, just a simple application form which takes two minutes to complete.

The figure I quoted is actually for a man aged up to 35 or a woman aged up to 40, but the value is just as good whatever your age. You’re probably wondering how such low cost is possible……..

The reason is simple. The plan is offered direct to you- no sales commissions, no insurance brokers to pay. And as I said, this plan has been especially set up for young families (it includes a special inflation- fighting clause, so you stay properly protected over the years).

So you have nothing to lose by returning the attached enquiry card. There’s no postage to pay and we will send full details to your home address so you can read about the plan at your leisure.

Of course you’re not committed to go any further and you could be missing an opportunity to provide financial protection for your family at a very low cost.

I look forward to receiving your enquiry card.


Young Family Plans

Visa Card Sales

Dear Mr Zahid

You may recall that I invited you a while ago to apply for Visa Card membership.

As you are aware, there are now other MasterCard and VisaCard – indeed you may possible have been offered one, so you may well ask, “why the HSBC Express Visa Card”? It’s a good question.

The Visa Card is designed to give certain Card members; a complete range of privileges, exclusive privileges which will make your life easier and more pleasant. Indeed we have recently introduced several new benefits that are why I am writing to you now.

So the Visa Card is not simply a way of showing your status-though it does command a certain recognition. Nor is it just a convenient way to settle your bills. And it certainly isn’t just the entrĂ©e to a BDT 500.00 unsecured overdraft; other cards have copied this feature.

In fact what the Visa Card offers is based upon your needs and your lifestyle. If you are like most Visa Card members you probably have important business responsibilities, you travel more than most, and you may well entertain frequently. The privileges of the Visa Card reflect these characteristics.

For instance, you may well appreciate one new idea, the Summary of Charges, once a year; we itemize all your charges, month by month. They are broken down into categories such as Restaurant, Retail, Airline and Car Hire. This makes it easier for you to review and budget your finances, and is particularly useful, obviously, in assessing your business expenses.

If this thinking chimes in with yours, please return the enclosed application now. As you will see in a moment, this is a particularly good time to do so.

Yours sincerely
Altaf Mahmood
PS – if you apply now, as a small gesture, I am happy to offer you-with our compliments- a good second Visa Card for any person over 18 years of age in your family whom you designate, at no charge for a year.

In addition, you may also appreciate a second Card for yourself to keep your business and personal expenses separate. This is also available at no charge for a year.

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