Follow –up Letters

17 February 2013

Mr. Hironak Takasio
Sundry Insurance Inc

Re: Customer Service Position

Dear Mr. Takasio

As you suggested during our brief telephone conversation this morning, I am fixing to you my resume in the form of an application for the Customer Service Position advertised by your company. I have also mailed a hard copy of the resume for your permanent file.

Thank you for your concise explanation of your needs. I know that my ten years success in the insurance industry, analyzing and responding to customer queries, will help to rise customer satisfaction levels and enhance profitability for your own organization. My proven abilities are demonstrated by such achievement as:

  • Hand – selected to represent my employer during a presentation to a new client company, because of my ability to answer benefits questions and explain claims procedures.

  • Received monetary for superior quality and customer service.

  • Salvaged a key account by improving speed and quality of service and follow up.

  • Received numerous letters of commendation written by satisfied customers.

I am confident that my strengths will help you to create greater customer focus, which will in turn boost earnings and raise morale. Could you speak soon about my possible contributions to Sundry Insurance?

Thank you for your time; I’ll eagerly await the opportunity to meet with you in person.


Masum Haider


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